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Manhattan Beach Resort Beach Towels

Manhattan Beach Resort Beach Towels

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*Reserve Your Towel(s) Now, Pay Later*

Unfortunately, no, the towels are not free!! My sincere apologies if I got your hopes up!

The towels are priced at $0 because there is a required minimum order quantity of 36 towels per color to place an order. If you would like to purchase towels (they will cost $35), please add them to your cart and complete your checkout as normal. They won't cost you anything at checkout nowI will collect towel payments later on (after confirming we've reach the minimum order quantity for either color). These towels are FANTASTIC and I've priced them as low as possible to cover order costs. I promise, you will not be disappointed!


Oversized, premium velour beach towels. 100% U.S. grown cotton. The perfect towels to comfortably lounge or dry off at our beautiful sand beach! Available in Manhattan Beach's two iconic colors.

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